Baltic Balkan Productions is a production company working mainly with young and upcoming filmmakers in the Baltic States, Balkan region and ex-Post Soviet countries focusing on ongoing social and environmental issues and processes in the society. 


The founder of Baltic Balkan Productions Ieva Ūbele joined the audio-visual industry in 2005 and over the last decade, she has produced more than 20 audio-visual projects, including documentary films on social and environmental issues, promotional videos and documentary photography albums and exhibitions. She has also worked as a photo editor of several award winning photography albums and scriptwriter and off-line editor of social documentaries and environmental films. Her most well-known projects include homo@lv (2010, dir. Kaspars Goba), the first documentary from Latvia ever screened at the Berlin International Film Festival, and Inga Can Hear (2018, dir. Kaspars Goba), which had its international premiere in Hot Docs 2019.

Prior to joining the audiovisual industry, Ieva worked as a business consultant and project manager in various fields, including regional development, SME development and higher education. She has been in charge of design, planning, and practical execution of more than 60 successful projects ranging from small-scale NGO projects to large projects with budgets between 5K and 2M EUR. Working in a variety of environments Ieva has also developed an ability to effectively communicate to a large variety of groups ranging from officials in national and local governments, experts in EU institutions to creative minds and scientists.