Documentary by Federico Schiavi and Giorgio Bianchi

80 minutes, in development, Nance Sas (Italy) in co-oproduction with Baltic Balkan Productions (Latvia)

Blind pit – the story of Sasha is a journey through two parallel worlds: one of them is underground, a maze of tunnels dug by hand in the black rock, perpetually wrapped in darkness and in which reality materialises for a few moments through the intertwining of the beams of light projected by the lamps of the men who work there; the other, although located on the surface, is also a non-place: it is a mining town suspended between past and present, where time seems to have stopped at the Soviet era, located within a ghost republic at war for its survival. 

But it is also the story of the transition between two different variations of the same universe: the spaces perceived in blindness and those finally seen; darkness and light, voices and faces, past and present.